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Indian medical association of Andhra Pradesh welcomes you!
IMA is the largest professional doctors association and one of the biggest NGO in our country, looking after the Skill preparedness & welfare of the doctors of modern scientific medicine and health of the common man at large.

IMA was launched as a voluntary organization in 1928​ ​ and registered Under Societies Act, 1860 XXI No.325/1934 and gradually it evolutes as academic body of medicine, nodal welfare organization not only for its members but to entire community.


Trade Union Wing Of Medical Fraternity

IMA gradually acquired its “virtual medical institute” to impart knowledge and upgrade the skills of its members and initiated “medical disaster management body” and finally transformed as “trade union wing of medical fraternity” by unleashing its new wing-“Hospital Board of India”, to establish peaceful ambience for its members to deliver their services to mankind.

Now, you may understood, that our IMA is a big sociopolitical academic &medico-legal organization for the doctors and for the community at large!

President is its executive head, assisted by general secretary and various other dignitaries .Even though they are busy with their profession, All office bearers have been working on honorary basis and they don’t take single rupee as salary.


IMA Wings Of Education

IMA managing its wings of education as part of its continuous education and skill upgradation objective through its chapters like CGP-College of general physicians;AMS- Academy of medical specialties and AKN Sinha institute of distance learning.

IMA comprising of ​2.25 lac Doctor's (Modern Medicine)​on its rolls, spreading in 1800 local branches under its 30 state chapters, having their presence in entire length and breadth of our country! ​No other organization or association has such a mammoth presence.


Dr.n.apparao-IMAAP Family Security Scheme

To look-after the members families ,IMA introduced in 1989-a path breaking mutually aided benefic scheme” in name and style as “Family benefit scheme”,which assures a lump sum amount of about Rs.5lac to the bereaved family.

After calculating the inflation and seeing the member’s raising needs,IMA’s great visionary leader dr.n.appa rao proposed another scheme,which was titled in respectful adoration of dr.n.appa ji, as “Dr.n.apparao-IMAAP Family security scheme” in the year 1999.at present, the bereaved family is getting Rs.15lacs through this scheme.


Professional Protection Scheme-PPW

IMA AP also started professional indemnity assurance which was titled as “professional protection scheme-PPW”.By enrolling in this scheme,the member will get full medico-legal assistance and indemnity coverage,when ever he faces medicolegal cases in CPA/Civil courts.

Apart from these welfare schemes,IMA AP state chapter in its commitment to its objectives,organizing the 13 types of PG diploma/fellowship courses under its educations wings such as CGP&AMS .


IMA’s Fellowship Programs

IMA’s fellowship programs have been lauded by various academicians and students and with excellently laid out curriculum&syllabus and contact classes,these are few of the best orchestrated courses in our country at affordable prices.

IMA’s Hospital board of india is a recent addition to extend its protective focus exclusively for private hospital industry.


Trade-Union Type Of Work Culture

By its trade-union type of work culture, HBI is a vibrant and shiny face of the IMA. With its hawk eye vision and committed office bearers,HBI constantly scrutinize the ordinances,rules,G.Os,Acts,judgments,newsfeed- watchfully and fight for the justice on behalf of private hospitals. It also having liaison with NABH & NABL &Quality council of india to improve the quality standards in private healthcare sector and extend its helping hand to the private hospitals in getting accreditation of NABH/NABL.

HBI will guide the private hospitals and award its own prestigious accreditation to hospitals,which will make those hospitals getting empanelment by insurance companies.

Friends, these are very few privileges one can assured of by getting enrolled with this prestigious multifaceted organization.


Be a life Member&Enroll in welfare Schemes

Be a Life member of IMA –Get privileged & preferred entry in to IMA guest houses established nationwide.

Be a life member&Enroll in welfare schemes - Get protected from professional vagaries by PPW scheme and get assured an umbrella of monetary fraternity benefit for your legal nominees. Be a Life member of IMA-Get CME credit hours freely& effortlessly along with sumptuous dinners amidst cultural activities and wise brotherhood.

Be a life member of the IMA- Become a Miracle of privileged intellectual group of one of the globe’s noble profession.

Long Live IMA

Jai Hind.

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